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Orchestrating Internet of Things and Machine Learning for Early Risk Detection to Ensure Inpatients Safety


Quality and patient safety are two areas of pivotal importance for clinical personnel and hospital management. Incidents that lead to patient harm, and in worst cases to loss of lives, bring huge losses and long-lasting consequences for patients, family members, involved hospital personnel, as well as society. To address such a challenge and detect potential risks at an early phase, it is imperative to develop a means or system that is capable of improving inpatient safety, by monitoring and analyzing agitated and unusual behaviors as well as generating alerts to responsible personnel on an automatic, continuous, and 24/7 basis. Motivated by the recent advancement in IoT and ML technologies, the StaySafe project makes a joint effort to develop a viable solution for behavior surveillance and analysis of inpatients in mental and somatic healthcare, by integrating data collection based on non-intrusive IoT devices and detection of unusual behavioral patterns based on ML algorithms for the purpose of behavior analysis and risk prevention. We believe that such a solution will be able to provide high-level decision support based on real-time data collection and analysis, thus helping prevent agitated patient behavior through early stage warning to on-duty personnel as well as involved inpatients This innovation project is a joint effort among SSHF, UiA, and Egde in collaborations with our international partner NCTU/TW and end users. The total budget for this project is ~13.3 MNOK including 50% NFR contribution and 50% partners' own contributions respectively. The scope of this project is in full conformity with this HELSEVEL call for innovation projects for the public sector, addressing two cross-cutting themes and research areas defined in the HELSEVEL program, i.e., Technology and digitalisation and Service innovation and implementation. The technology readiness level of this project is 4 or higher, targeting at a deployable solution within the next four years.

Project leader: Niklas Dimitri Halseide

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Helse Sør-Øst RHF

Sector: Helseforetak

Budget: 6644000


Address: Kristiansand