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DigiFoods - Digital Food Quality


The goal of SFI Digital Food Quality (DigiFoods) is to develop inline smart, sensor-driven solutions that deliver the essential food quality information required for successful process optimisation and digitalization of the food industry. Food processes are extremely complex and challenging to measure due to the inherent high level of biological variation in raw materials. The development of advanced solutions that are built on a fundamental understanding of food science, will allow the food industry to effectively measure and handle these variations, enabling a ground-breaking digital transformation of the industry. Effective strategies for real-time analysis and utilization of industrial data at a large scale will optimise processes and reduce waste throughout the value chain. New levels of information flow will also significantly increase productivity. DigiFoods will innovatively combine applied and basic research to generate new basic knowledge, evaluate prototype solutions, and create results for innovation in the following core areas 1) novel sensor systems and food application development, 2) robot and sensor integration, 3) integrated inline sensor solutions, and 4) analysis and utilisation of large-scale process and value chain data. A multi-disciplinary team comprising food companies, technology providers and research institutions is highly motivated to collaborate towards this common goal. The industrial partners will participate in all research tasks, committing essential in-kind contributions to the project. A critical element of this centre is that much of the experimental work will be done in the industrial process lines, which the end-users will make available for research. The centre will educate 9 PhD students and 3 post docs. DigiFoods will be governed by a board with an industrial majority, ensuring relevant research that will build the foundation for a future food industry 4.0.

Project leader: Jens Petter Wold

Started: 2020

Ends: 2028

Category: Primærnæringsinstitutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 9.6e+07

Institution: NOFIMA AS

Address: Tromsø