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Metabolic and signaling crosstalk of vitamin-derived cofactors - a training platform for systems medicine


Systems medicine has emerged as essential discipline to identify disease mechanisms and biomarkers, follow and predict the effect of treatments and to develop new, combinatorial therapies. To our knowledge, dedicated study programs in systems medicine do net yet exist in Norway. This project will bring together a team of leading experts from five renowned academic institutions [in Norway (2), the United States (1) and Russia (2)]. They will develop a unique portfolio of systems medicine training – from molecular mechanisms to disease treatment. The courses will include experimental and computational analyses of metabolic pathways and signaling networks, chemical biology of cancer, advanced analytical techniques, mathematical modelling and machine learning as well as principles of drug development. Based on well-established scientific collaborations with all partners, UiB will coordinate the project. Practical courses will be conducted in the relevant partner institutions. The EU consortium on systems medicine of breast cancer (MESI-STRAT) and the NeuroSysMed center (FKB, Bergen) will support this initiative with their competences. This INTPART project will also significantly contribute to the scientific excellence of existing joint research projects among all parners. A major focus will be on the biology and medical significance of coenzymes derived from vitamin B precursors, a hot area of current biomedical research both in metabolomics, signaling and for the development of nutritional therapeutic concepts. Collectively, the project will enable tight collaborations with outstanding academic environments in systems medicine, beyond existing EU initiatives, to develop world-class training in systems medicine. Moreover, it will provide the opportunity for outstanding research that no partner institution on its own would be able to conduct. Thereby, the new generation of scientists in biomedical research will be adequately prepared for the challenges ahead.

Project leader: Mathias Ziegler

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 4468000


Address: Bergen