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WIML: Workflow-integrated machine learning. An innovative solution for precision imaging in radiology


Recent years have seen exciting applications of machine learning in medical data analysis, from radiology and dermatology to electronic health records and drug discovery. This has led to great interest and enormous expectations from the medical profession. However, it is still early days for the evaluation and integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning-derived information in clinical practice. This proposal addresses one of the crucial missing elements required for implementation and integration in clinical radiology: an innovative, direct integration of computational imaging methods with picture archive and communication systems (PACS). To ensure the usefulness of our innovation, we will apply it to two of the most important health challenges in modern society: cancers in women (uterus) and men (prostate). We aim to i) Integrate routine radiology workflow with research infrastructure for computational image analysis. ii) Apply and evaluate this enabling technology on a large collection of imaging and clinical data from a cohort of 600 gynecologic cancer patients treated at Haukeland University Hospital since 2009. This will be done using novel, deep-learning based approaches to segmentation for ROI-based information extraction ("radiomics"). iii) Investigate how well our innovation generalizes to other computational medical imaging methods and to different applications, and explore how our framework can best be embedded in clinical PACS and HIS/RIS systems. Such an ambitious endeavor is particularly timely and feasible due to the recently established multidisciplinary center MMIV at Haukeland University Hospital. At MMIV, the project will be embedded in a research environment with access to world class MRI scanners and imaging infrastructure, large collections of patient data, and top expertise within preclinical and clinical disciplines, radiology, pathology, MR physics, mathematics and computational science.

Project leader: Hauke Bartsch

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Helse Vest RHF

Sector: Helseforetak

Budget: 7e+06

Institution: Radiologisk avdeling

Address: Bergen