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Collaboration on Intelligent Machines 2 (COINMAC-2)


Technology is transforming society and the way we work and interact. We are surrounded by technology and computer interfaces that have recently become more intelligent and are able to adapt to our needs and preferences. Thanks to progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we see a major transition from ourselves adapting to fixed technology and services to these by themselves adapting to us human users. Thus, technology works more seamlessly in a continuously increasing number of domains. This includes robots that have traditionally only been used for manufacturing but are now arriving at work and at home as service robots. The success of these would be highly dependent on their behavior capabilities that depend on their skills in learning and adaptation. We see a rapid progress in both learning algorithms and robotic systems, and it is challenging for a single research group to both provide an updated set of courses in addition to undertaking state-of-the-research. This project would be concerned with further developing international collaboration with leading partners in the US, Brazil and Japan within the domains of such self-learning systems and robotics. However, two partners are new, and we target now to transfer developed teaching material and concepts between partners. We also plan to have student group collaboration with members from different partners. The project is highly relevant to our current Research Council of Norway funded researcher projects. Thus, it would provide extended momentum to these projects by collaboration in research, teaching, and in strengthening the interaction between the two domains. This will be through a set of different activities like short-term and long-term reciprocal mobility stays by students and staff for collaboration in research, curriculum and teaching material development and organizing intensive courses/workshops.

Project leader: Jim Tørresen

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 3500000


Address: Oslo