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The intelligent decision-making process for hydro scheduling


In this project, Norwegian hydropower producers will take a significant step towards the goal of a wholly automated hydro scheduling system. Instead of improving or replacing any existing optimization tools, the attention will be paid to the way that these tools are used for advanced decision support. This project will focus on the pre-setting of the executive commands that are called to run the optimization tools. At present, no matter how sophisticated the optimization tools are, the hydropower operators have to manually set up the executive commands before running the optimization models. Though various solution methods or heuristics have been developed and are free to use, limited by human analytic competence, the operators prefer to choose the commands they are familiar with or directly adopt the default setting. These commands are only set up once before optimization and valid for all the hydraulic objects (i.e., reservoirs, plants, hydro-turbine generator units) and the entire scheduling horizon. The planned innovation of this project is to replace the current manual setup of commands with the automatic allocation of commands depending on the specific operating and market conditions of the given hydro system. This automation will be achieved by integrating modern machine learning techniques with a comprehensive understanding of the hydro systems and optimization models. This project pioneers a brand new decision-making process for hydro scheduling. It stretches out the application of the optimization tools to a broader decision-making level, from a uniform scheduling tool to a customized intelligent scheduling system. If successful, the methodology developed in the project can be applied to a wider context, not only limited to hydro scheduling, since almost all the advanced decision support tools designed for large-scale problems confront such a similar challenge as the pre-selection of suitable executive commands.

Project leader: Jiehong Kong

Started: 2020

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 2e+06


Address: Porsgrunn