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Your green, smart and endless wardrobe


Imagine having access to a never-ending shared wardrobe. And also making money off the clothes you own but only seldom wear. The textile industry is among the most polluting and resource demanding industries in the world, emitting more greenhouse gases than shipping and air traffic combined. Since the year 2000, global clothing production has doubled, but utilization has dropped. Every third garment is never used. FJONG aims to revolutionize the way we consume clothes, by making rental more attractive than buying new. We develop a unique rental platform, a convenient and environmentally friendly AirBnB for clothes. Our customers are able to both rent outfits and lend out their own, for a cut of the rental price. 60.000 people have already shown interest in our service and a large share of our inventory is sourced through private lenders. We are now ready to expand, both in Norway and internationally. However, further research is required to overcome some key challenges: - Behavioral change challenge: How do we change consumer habits? Which factors make people shift from buying to renting, or from throwing away to lending out? What is important for retailers to lend out? - Sustainability challenge: How can we optimize our business model from an environmental point of view, while still being scalable and financially viable? How can we minimize footprints from our own value chain, while at the same maximize our impact for sustainable clothing consumption? - Technical challenge: Can artificial intelligence and machine learning help create a superior user experience that makes renting more attractive than buying? How can we build a sharing platform that meets the requirements of the value propositions designed and the complex logistics of a peer-to-peer sharing platform? We are proud to partner with three leading universities, BI, NMBU and UIA to solve these challenges.

Project leader: James Larsen

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 23535000

Institution: FJONG NORGE AS

Address: Oslo