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DigiSocket: Digitalization of the prosthetic socket personalization through machine learning and advance computer vision


Hy5PRO AS is a young and vibrant company, working towards the development of cost effective, accessible and high-quality prosthetic solutions. We have CE-marked, FDA-registered and Canada approved our first product, a disruptive myoelectrical prosthetic hand using a unique hydraulic-based actuation principle developed in-house - capitalizing our expertise in mechanics as a central technological enabler to develop a unique prosthetic hand offering an optimal balance between gripping functionality and overall cost. However, Hy5 aims to go one step further being a product-based company and we envision improving the existing value chain by empowering a digital revolution - providing more effective alternatives to several activities in the prosthetic workflows that use decade-old technologies. However, we do not possess in-house expertise in machine learning and advanced ICT concepts such as computer vision, that are essential for this project and therefore looking to recruit an Innovation Associate with the required skill set, in order to complement our team. The SME Innovation Associate programme project is thus necessary for Hy5 to initiate R&D activities with a view to expand its portfolio and ultimately positioning Hy5 as a key player up and downstream to the acquisition of a prosthetic hand. Acquiring these skills is thus fundamental for Hy5 to keep competitive advantage over the coming years - but more importantly, will allow for Hy5 to outgrow into a forefront innovation player at global scale.

Project leader: Bjørn Olav Bakka

Started: 2019

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 2e+05

Institution: HY5PRO AS

Address: Vestre Toten