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Internet of Bio-NanoThings for Prediction and Prevention of Infectious Diseases


Our ability to miniaturize sensors and electronics is unprecedented, and our understanding of biological systems enables fine-grained manipulation of cellular behavior down to the molecular level. This project will leverage the PIs’ unique combination of expertise at the crossroads of biology, bio-sensor interface design, and wireless communications, to address the challenges for human health applications such as prediction and prevention of infections. CLIPEUS (Shield in Latin) aims at creating a communications network among man-made implantable devices and the natural cells inside the body under the novel communication paradigm, called Internet of Bio-NanoThings, where sensing, actuation, and computing processes are tightly coupled to pervasively, perpetually, and precisely sense, process, control, and exchange health information of the body in real time to defend it against infections. CLIPEUS focuses on the detection of infections inside the body based on the detection of the molecular communication among the infectious bacteria by man-made bio-nanothings, called GLADIO (Sword in Latin), consisting of bionanosensors for detection, low power electronics for processing and antenna for near field communication to transfer the data through the tissues to outside of the body. Due to the power limitations of GLADIO, the inherent noise of biological processes, and the non-deterministic response of patients to infections, the collected data will be sparse and noisy. Novel machine learning techniques will be developed to interpret this data for future personalized medicine applications. The system will be extensively tested and ameliorated by phantom experiments as a first step before in vivo experiments. The project will recruit and train 2 PhD students and 2 Postdocs and has drawn up a comprehensive, multifaceted plan to disseminate, communicate and exploit the project results.

Project leader: Ian Akyildiz

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 1.6e+07

Institution: Institutt for elektroniske systemer

Address: Trondheim