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CompuSteth: the Next Generation Stethoscope for Auscultation and Classification of Full Range Body Sounds Including Infra-Sounds


Almost half a billion people worldwide suffer from lung or heart diseases. While the prevalence of such diseases, especially chronic ones, is rapidly growing, the methods of the initial examination – with a stethoscope – have barely changed. Inadequately carried out examination or drawbacks of subjective interpretations lead to unnecessary referrals to more advanced and costly tests, delayed diagnose or increased severity of the condition, leading to poorer treatment, rising hospitalization times and related cost, and most importantly, having detrimental effect on person’s health. Newly developed “digital” stethoscopes have added have little added clinical value and are little user-friendly. Some intend to add AI analysis but are mostly on R&D stage and do not offer full integration crucial to practical clinical implementation. Medsensio has developed a cloud-based platform for automatic detection of abnormal breathing using deep learning. The company is specializing in AI algorithms for breathing analysis using world's largest annotated dataset of lung sounds and is planning a Horizon 2020 collaboration with 3 partners with complementary backgrounds across the value chain: one in medical device development at TRL 7 who aims to integrate their digital stethooscope with Medsensio platform, a medical center which will provide expertise and environment for clinical testing and development, and one more with network of marketing and sales channels to reach the market. Horizon2020 project would support achieving maturity of the combined solution with an end-to-end integration, clinically and economically validating its technology and value at pre-commercial KOL-level for successful market introduction and full commercialization. Combining industry-leading expertise and innovative technologies with a broad network and distribution capacities the potential partners will ensure quick market take up to capture the opportunity which relates to a billion-euro market.

Project leader: Anna Dranovska

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 70000

Institution: MEDSENSIO AS

Address: Tromsø