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A feasibility study of a system for source data classification with validation and improvements of concept associations in CoreMine Medical


The aim of this pre-project is to perform a feasibility study of a system for source data classification, and validation and improvements of terms associations, e.g. between a specific disease, TCM, Western medicine, genes and proteins. The system planned to be developed in the main project shall be integrated with COREMINE Medical community and search engine in order to provide increased data quality both in terms associations and document hits linked to each term, e.g. a specific disease. In addition, t he aim is to prepare a description of a main project starting in 2009. The pre-project will be performed by PubGene in collaboration with the Laboratory of Complex Systems and Intelligence Science (IACAS) in China and (sfi)²-Statistics for Innovation, Ce nter for Research-based Innovation at Norsk Regnesentral (SFI-NR). IACAS in Beijing, China is well-known by their excellence in artificial intelligence and data mining techniques. Particularly, they have long-time experience in web-document knowledge min ing focused in the medical field. IACAS contributes with statistical methods research. SFI-NR is one of the 14 Norwegian Centers for Research-based Innovation, with the aim to enhance the capability of the Norwegian economy to innovate by focusing on lon g-term research, forming alliances between research-intensive enterprises and prominent research groups. SFI-NR contributes within the fields of bioinformatics and statistical modeling and pattern recognition applied PubGene AS in Oslo, Norway is a pione er in biomedical text mining technology, and has become a leading provider of biological information mined from large literature repositories using advanced statistical text mining algorithms and specialized Natural Language Processing (NLP). PubGene cont ributes with algoritms knowledge and prototyping programming with the aim of achieving av specification and plan for implementation of a classification and validation system in CoreMine Medical search engine

Project leader: Fang Liu

Started: 2008

Ends: 2008

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 350000

Institution: PUBGENE AS

Address: Oslo