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E!113747 Smart Personalization Of Prosthetic Arm Sockets


Hy5 aims to disrupt the existing value chain by empowering a digital revolution from the installed cast-based paradigm to a fully automated workflow, not only increasing the overall process efficiency but also the reliability, durability and comfort of the resulting socket. Hy5 aims to team up with trinckle - an award-winning innovation leader in 3D CAD automation - to develop the world’s first smartphone-enabled, AI-driven, cost-effective and user-friendly digital workflow for limb socket automated design & manufacturing. SmartFit will facilitate the process of personalization and manufacturing upper limb prosthetic sockets by creating a digital platform enabling to digitalize and automate the process of custom tailoring prosthetic arm sockets. Hereto, we plan to build a dynamic 3D model of the patient’s stump using smartphone cameras combined with advanced deep learning methods for accurate 3D surface reconstruction. It is mandatory and a priority of the system to consider the stump characteristics such as anatomy, volume, density of soft tissue, residual bone positioning and skin scar placement in order to design and create the adequate fitting of the socket in particular places such as those of pressure and/or support. Once this information is available, a customized arm socket will be created by morphing a parametric template to the patient-specific anatomy, while building from annotated data from prosthetists typical adaptations to minimize the need for manual adjustments. With SmartFit, the workflow from the modelling of the patient’s residual limb to the 3D printing of highly effective and comfortable socket will shift from the conventional crafting procedure to a fully automated, digitally-supported process. At the end of the project, a range of different sized SmartFit prototypes will be ready for certification. In order to speed-up commercialization, several preparatory activities are planned to take place prior project completion.

Project leader: Bjørn Olav Bakka

Started: 2020

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 4926000

Institution: HY5PRO AS

Address: Vestre Toten