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Climy: Human-Centric Building Automation


Xigrid Technologies AS has developed a human-centric building automation solution powered by artificial intelligence. The solution improves occupant physical and mental wellness, optimizes energy consumption, and gamifies reduction of individual carbon footprint. Xigrid Technologies AS will lead the project, which will focus on the market launch and commercialization of our first building automation solution. The main barriers for Xigrid Technologies AS going forward are related to market awareness, acceptance to end-users, product scale-up and securing commercialization partners. This project will enable: 1) maturing and refining the minimum viable product (MVP); 2) exploring further technological development for algorithms; 3) conducting pilot demonstrations of the MVP in relevant markets; 4) business development to build a community for "sustainability" and "comfort" at workplaces. The EIC Accelerator program provides a unique opportunity for Xigrid Technologies AS to showcase the potential of its technology and gain market intelligence that will ultimately lead to acceptance by end-users. The completion of the project objectives is important for ensuring a successful entrance to the market and commercialization of our innovative building automation solution.

Project leader: Dmytro Prisikar

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 75000


Address: Oslo