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STUD: Sensorita - Data-Driven Waste Management


Waste collection is an area that has seen little innovation over the last few decades, and there is hardly any transparency in the value chain. Lack of sufficient information makes it problematic for stakeholders within the industry to make informed decisions, to measure the effect of initiatives and to increase their efficiency. Sensorita’s mission is to help our customers increase the rate of recycling by providing cutting-edge analytics. Insight into consumer behavior and waste trends enables more efficient waste management through better planning, logistics and waste collection. By using Sensorita in operations, the customers will cut costs and CO2 emissions associated with ineffective waste collection. Sensorita aims to become a global supplier of data-driven waste management analytics. Enabling large-scale implementation of sensors in the area of waste collection will provide end-to-end data insights that result in a more transparent value chain. The goal of the STUD-ENT-project is to utilize the collaboration with Asker municipality to gain more insight into the customers’ demands and how they can be met effectively. Asker municipality will be used as a reference case to illustrate where Sensorita can generate the most value for the customer and to develop a plan for further scale-up. The project results will be used to develop and verify the business model as a basis for further commercialization. At the end of the STUD-ENT-period, Sensorita aims to initiate a larger pilot project with Asker municipality and/or other collaboration partners, to demonstrate a full scale implementation of sensors in household waste management. This will strengthen our business case further and is an important step towards commercialization.

Project leader: Emil Skar

Started: 2020

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1000000

Institution: SENSORITA AS

Address: Oslo