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«Tap.IT» is a sensor-solution that leverages new technology (Embedded Machine Learning) in order to mitigate issues related to food-safety and quality in the food service industry (Horeca). Our ambition is to become a global provider of insight related to the sales and distribution of wine and beer by providing a solution that enables more data-driven decision-making for the global brewery-industry. Data from «Tap.IT» will facilitate more transparency through the value-chain (brewery distributer end-user), where we will generate customer-value by providing more predictable operations by using real-time consumption-data in operations related to planning of sales and maintenance. Our product-solution proposition is based on in-depth knowledge of the industry through years of working as a supplier of draft beer-equipment and running a bar. Through our network we have performed several in-depth interviews of potential customers in order to gain more insight about the nature of the problems that needs solving. From the customer-dialogue the project-team have identified issues food-safety and product-quality due to the lack of maintenance of tap (draft) equipment. In combination with “state-of-the-art” knowledge about micro-controller units (MCUs) and Machine Learning the project team is confident in providing the customer a cost-effective solution that will generate value from day one. During the Forny-project period the focus will be on industrialization of the sensor-solution in collaboration with partners and establish a beachhead-market in the brewery-segment through extensive testing with pilot-customers (attachment - letters of intent ) we hope to prove a marked-product fit.

Project leader: Balder Klanderud

Started: 2020

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1000000

Institution: TAP.IT AS

Address: Oslo