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SuSTech – Sustainability by Technology - Enabling Industry 4.0 Tech. in European SME’s through cluster facilitated cooperation.


Using the new technologies in manufacturing enables businesses to be more efficient, improve product quality, reduce downtime and take better decisions based on real time information. Increased customer demand, customization and personalization of products require integrated processes and increased utilization of robotics and smart machines. Use of machine learning and AI is important for developing the business models. At the same time as technology can make traditional manufacturing smart and even more efficient, it also opens up possibilities for businesses to set up advanced production at a fraction of the cost known from traditional manufacturing, thus making production of sustainable personalized products for a local or regional market a possibility. The ultimate goal of the industrial system must be to work within the ability of the planet to offer its raw materials of energy, water, material etc. The alternative cannot be sustained. What trend future manufacturing will follow also depends on the availability of a skilled workforce and working for traditional manufacturing companies without a clear purpose is not on the priority list for new employees. A transition from linear to circular models for both goods and services should be focus throughout the process. This is the SusTech Consortium: No. Role/skill required Participant organisation name 1 Coordinator NCE iKuben 2 R&D University of Cambridge, IfM 3 R&D TBA: Fraunhofer 4 LSD/big prints MX3D (SME) 5 LSD/big prints RAMLAB (SME) 6 Material input Eyde Cluster 7 Applied AI Smart Innovation Norway 8 Cutting edge – copper AM EFFEE (SME) 9 AI & Industry 4.0 ClujIT 10 Material input MAI Carbon Cluster Germany

Project leader: Christian Strømmen

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Øvrige andre

Sector: Øvrige

Budget: 117581

Institution: IKUBEN

Address: Molde