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Smart Journey Mining: Towards successful digitalisation of services


Public and private service providers are under pressure to digitalise their service offerings, and the opportunities for increased flexibility and efficiency are huge. However, the digital transformation continues to frustrate and burden users, citizens and customers. The Smart Journey Mining (SJM) vision is to support successful digitalisation by extending the research front in process mining and service science with recent advances in formal analytics and artificial intelligence. The overall goal is to develop a theoretical fundament and a process analytics framework based on formalized user journeys. Process mining allows organisations to reverse-engineer their business processes by analysing digital traces left in information systems. However, process mining as a research field does not have a profound user focus, and new methods and tools are needed. We will develop a theoretical foundation and prototype tools to capture and transform user data of varying granularity levels into a semantic user journey database. This will form the basis for developing user journey analytics at three levels: (1) a descriptive level for discovery and monitoring; (2) a predictive level for anomaly detection and possible behaviours; and (3) a prescriptive level for pre-emptive problem solving and service recovery. This SJM Analyser will be a tool for user-centred process analytics and simulation. By involving two service providers, the analytics will be validated against empirical investigations of the user experience in realistic service environments. SJM will provide researchers and analysts the necessary methods and tools to work across backend systems and detect patterns in vast volumes of user data. This will inform novel guidelines for the successful digitalisation of services. The SJM results will be made available to academia, industry and the public sector, thus supporting improved service quality in our society.

Project leader: Ragnhild Halvorsrud

Started: 2021

Ends: 2024

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 15839000


Address: Trondheim