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PES Watching the risk factors: Artificial Intelligence and the prevention of chronic disease


WARIFA The aim of WARIFA is to gain knowledge on the basic requirements of early risk assessment, prevention and intervention in individual citizens and to provide a framework to design intervention strategies based on artificial intelligence and big data technology. The ultimate goal is to empower citizens in the prevention of the diseases they are at highest risk to get in the future. WARIFA PES The aim of WARIFA PES application project is to successfully submit the WARIFA proposal by 22nd April 2020 to obtain H2020 fianancing to implement the project (2021-2024). Proposal process will focus on fulfilling the necessary competence and ressource criteria to implement WARIFA. This work consist of identifying desired organizations for scientific comptence in the WARIFA field of research, as well as the desired organizations with technical comptence compatible with the project objectives. The consortium will identify and allocate each partners roles and activities. This entails defining ressources needed to fulfill the different parts of the WARIFA project, defining the critical tasks within each section of the WARIFA project, allocating work packages and critical tasks to the partner with the most compatible competence profil, and ensure that partners have the necessary ressources available. We will draw the application text, and jointly develop the necessary research questions and implementation plans.

Project leader: Thomas Roger Schopf

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Helse Nord RHF

Sector: Helseforetak

Budget: 500000


Address: Tromsø