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Interplay of Disruptive Technologies and Ambient Intelligence Strategies for Transformation of Hospital Value Chains


A new product, service or business model is considered “disruptive” when it helps create a new market, eventually disrupting existing markets and displacing previous technologies. Disruptive innovation has happened over and over, in industries like computing, photography, telecommunications, and retail. Technological innovations brought about by robotics, virtual reality (VR), automation, AI, 3D printing and blockchain technologies are all worth investigating, having the potential to disrupt healthcare services and ultimately improve them. Such emerging technologies, currently being used in other sectors, can also play a huge role in transforming the healthcare system and related public services. The accomplishment of AMBIHOSPITAL overall objectives are supported by the implantation of use-cases/pilots that will be further advanced by the projects from the third-parties supported by the funding offered through Open Calls (financial support to the third parties). To advance the innovation activities for integrating disruptive technologies and AI solutions across the hospital value chains, AMBIHOSPITAL will implement the concept of ‘think big - start small - scale fast’ for pilots with interplay of AI and data-driven innovations. This will allow the standardisation and automation of the key processes and expand through a process of continuous improvement across various healthcare and hospital services. The results from the use-cases/pilots (some examples listed below) will contribute for realisation of efficient and interoperable solutions. ? Use case 1: Personal 24/7 nurse ? Use case 2: Auto Guided Smart Trolley ? Use case 3: Augmented Reality (AR) Training platform for surgical ? Use case 4: Infusion Room Optimal Scheduling ? Use case 5: Integrated Medicine Delivery System ? Use case 6: A clinic tool to support a survivorship care plan for ovarian and peritoneal cancer patients

Project leader: Gupta D.B.R.K. Udatha

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Øvrige andre

Sector: Øvrige

Budget: 400000


Address: Oslo