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PES for EIC Accelerator (European Green Deal): Digital Sea Lice Counting and Holistic Fish Health Monitoring


Fishency Innovation (Fishency) was established in 2017 to deliver data-driven services to support the aquaculture industry. As per the company's tagline: "Sustainability starts with good data". The EIC Accelerator program is targeted to accelerate both technical and commercial maturity. A strong link to the European Green Deal exists based on supporting a “healthy and environmentally friendly food system”. Fishency has developed Fishency360, a hardware and software solution based on computer vision and machine learning to capture 360-degree views of individual fish at different depths in the cage. High-resolution images are used to detect and categorize sea lice and evaluate the quality of a sample (fish maturity, K-factor). Moreover, the images are used to measure growth and to detect early stages of fish health issues such as winter ulcers, cataracts, scale loss, and other skin damages. Fishency has so far had two (2) full-scale prototype tests in open sea cages to prove our approach and confirm that a large fish sample swims passively through our system every day. The current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is assessed to be at 6, while we also find arguments in support of TRL 7. At present, we have 3 signed LoIs and 2 signed trial agreements that will be put into action as part of the EIC Accelerator program. Fishency360 will also have to be validated by regulators to replace manual counting fully. The timing of the project is ideal, as technology risks have come down, but a capital-intensive phase is present related to technology optimization, certification, and market entry. The unique features of the 19/5/2020 cut-off with additional funds to support the "European Green Deal" provide an even stronger fit and motivation for applying.

Project leader: Flavie Gohin

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 75000


Address: Stavanger