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Microproportioning with crushed sand


Future concrete industry will use crushed (manufactured) aggregate because use of natural sand and gravel is depleting natural aggregate resources. Environmental impact of transport is reduced by production from local bedrock. The properties of crushed aggregate differ from those of natural ones: angular shape/rougher surfaces and high fines content affecting fresh concrete rheology, -stability, - pumpability and also surface aestethics. Advanced production of fines and tailoring of particle properties (size, surface, shape) can reduce the need for expensive chemicals, making concrete production more sustainable and economical. The project will perform scientific research in the fields of particle production and characterisation, rheology and application of fresh concrete and develop a new microproportioning method to make sustainable concrete with crushed aggregate, particularly aplying the fines. Knowledge to transform concrete industry into user of crushed aggregate is done in 6 research areas: 1. Full-scale aggregate production. 2. Mapping of material parameters. 3.Material models. 4.Upscaling to concrete rheology. 5.Full scale testing. 6.Result dissemination and publishing. The industrial need for this research is corroborated by Norcem AS with aggregate, cement and concrete value chain, Feiring Bruk, a local producer and Skanska as end user. The research will be carried out in close collaboration with international partners lead by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology: The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Sintef, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Princeton University, USA. Numerical simulations of rheology will be combined with verification experiments on a wide range of crushed aggregate particles produced and combined with state of the art binder powders and chemical admixtures giving basic understanding of how to produce powder particles as well as microproportioning rules.

Project leader: Stefan Jacobsen

Started: 2015

Ends: 2021

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 1.4e+07

Institution: Institutt for konstruksjonsteknikk

Address: Trondheim