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The Assisted Living project. Responsible innovations for dignified lives at home for persons with mild cognitive impairment or dementia.


Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is an increasingly important concept in the development and governance of science and technology. It has been interpreted as an approach to research and innovation that allows all R&D stakeholders at an early stage (A) to obtain relevant knowledge on the consequences of their actions and on the range of options open to them and (B) to effectively evaluate both outcomes and options in terms of societal needs and moral values and (C) to use these considerations as requirements for design and development of new research, products and services. The Assisted Living project takes an RRI approach and conducts research within ICT, health science, social science and ethics. The overall aim of the project is to advance RRI in the field of welfare technology. By adapting an RRI framework, the project's main objectives are to: a) map how stakeholders and experts perceive the state-of-the-art of responsible welfare technologies, focusing on assisted living technologies (ALT); b) develop ALT solutions for users with MCI/D, through an RRI approach; c) judge by an integrated HTA approach whether technologies introduced through an RRI process score better than currently implemented technologies; and d) create a wider dialogue on responsible welfare technologies for the future. The project will develop RRI as a learning process and governance approach and perform research on RRI; targeting the needs of the aging population as a global challenge in welfare provision; and developing competence on responsible innovation within welfare technology development and the care professions. The project integrates a strong cross-faculty and cross-institutional research group on responsible assisted living technologies, including HiOA students and researchers at all levels, international partners, regional actors, (such as municipal care providers), national actors (such as interest organisations and the Norwegian Board of Technology), and industry.

Project leader: Reidun Norvoll

Started: 2015

Ends: 2020

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 16936000

Institution: Senter for velferds- og arbeidslivsforskning (SVA)

Address: Oslo