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Digital Rig Management


Keystone has brought together an alliance consisting of Equinor and Odfjell Drilling to develop and demonstrate in full scale a Digital Rig Management solution (the Backbone Service) that will provide highly efficient and fully automated digital planning and execution process for drilling & well operations. While considerable advances have been made in recent years in the area of autonomous drilling, the administration/management of drilling and completion operations is still dominated by use of outdated legacy software and Excel spreadsheets. This applies to such areas as logistics coordination, POB planning, operations scheduling, reporting, operations follow-up and experience transfer. Current state of affairs within most E&P companies is that well construction planning and execution spans multiple, disconnected systems that comprise a mixture of obsolete legacy software and semi-manual documents and spreadsheets. Historically, spreadsheet templates with macros have been used to document time plans. These have been manually populated with time estimates influenced by the past experience and judgement of an individual drilling engineer. Monte Carlo simulations have been then utilized to derive the estimates for planned tasks and activities. The resultant spreadsheet forms the master copy of the activity plan and is used to circulate the plan to drilling engineers, rig operators, logistics providers and service companies. The industry is discovering that the reliable and efficient passing of such plans between the multiple disconnected legacy systems is a practical impossibility, and that semi-automated integration has increased the probability of human error. Manually rechecking plan content throughout the process to prevent the loss or corruption of data during transfer has, to some extent, mitigated these problems but has required considerable resources and expertise.

Project leader: Torbjørn E. Iversen

Started: 2020

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 7456000

Institution: KEYSTONE.NO AS

Address: Stavanger