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Doppler Radar and Artificial intelligence for Verification of Anomalities by scanning Thorax Autonomously by a mobile humanoid Robot


The project is related to creating a H2020 application to the above metioned call. The call asks for high TRL activities with a deadline of 2 yrs. We focus on three of the five topics in the call, namely the route from LAB to FAB on the topics: fast, cost-effective and easily deployable sampling, screening, diagnostic and prognostic systems, including new methods for screening of lungs, using for example AI or advanced photonics solutions, to detect the presence of the pathogen related parameters especially in an early stage of infection; using the concept of AI on screening lungs with our robot. In addition we will meet the conditions on: low cost sensors, smart wearable devices and robotics/AI for telemedicine, telepresence and continuous remote monitoring of patient parameters; protection of healthcare practitioners and the general public improving for example the wetting and filtering properties of fabrics used for face masks; sensors, sterilisation, including robotics and AI solutions, for disinfection and social distancing in environments such as healthcare, public spaces and buildings. We will meet the above conditions on creating an applicaton with the following work packages: WP1 Use case analysis and detailed task definition WP2 Simulation, communication and controls WP3 AI for Lung scanning WP4 Avatar design and subsystem piloting WP5 Piloting WP6 Dissemination, Outreach and Exploitation WP7 Project management Project partners: Halodi Robotics, Oslo University Hospital, CNRS (Fr), Paris-Sorbonne University (Fr), Czech Technical University in Prague (Cz), NTNU (No), The Captury (D), Haptology (Pl), Algoryx (Se)

Project leader: Egil Utheim

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 3e+05


Address: Moss