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Nano-mikro kunnskapsplattform for pålitelige, langtidsstabile heterogent integrerte mikrokomponenter


Current global trends and societal challenges require that Key Enabling Technologies realize miniaturized sensors and actuators that solve problems within e.g. climate, transport, and health. The NBRIX project will develop the tools needed by Norwegian industry in order to realize robust, reliable, and cost-effective microdevices with unsurpassed stability or new functionality. NBRIX enables microdevices with large actuation movements and unambiguos position control by heterogeneous integration of piezoelectric thin films and piezoresistive silicon microfabrication. Supreme reliability will be achieved through in-depth understanding and mitigation of intrinsic and mechanical fatigue. NBRIX enables fabrication of large-scale liquid treatment systems like water purifiers through the heterogeneous integration of 3D nanostructures and microfabrication, creating large-scale parallel arrays that handle large flows. The same heterogeneous integration enables the incorporation of photonic crystals in microdevices, permitting previously inaccessible wavelengths to be used in microdevice sensing. NBRIX will provide in-depth understanding of the influence of thermo-mechanical stress on component stability. Consideration of material properties, device design, encapsulation, substrate mounting, and the interaction between these allows effective alleviation strategies, thereby high-precision pressure sensors and microdevices with unsurpassed short- and long-term stability can be made. NBRIX will result in a process technology platform, applicable in a broad range of applications and device types. This platform will open new market opportunities by four mechanisms: new functionalities, improved device stability, improved device reliability, and cost-effectiveness. These four mechanisms expand current application areas as well as create new application areas. To ensure effective industrial uptake, NBRIX addresses technological needs at the cross-section with market requirements.

Project leader: Jo Gjessing

Started: 2015

Ends: 2019

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 12000000

Institution: SINTEF AS

Address: Trondheim