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An "updated-while-drilling" Advisory system.


There is no tool in the market today able to provide an "updated-while-drilling" optimization of drilling parameters (flow, rotation speed and running speed) in real-time during operation and with the flexibility of using it on any existing legacy systems or modern systems. This tool will revolutionize in a national and international level the way of drilling wells for safer and optimal results. Model based reasoning in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a Digital Twin combined with Machine Learning (ML) and advanced 3D visualization is a key enabler for operation alerts and optimization. Multiple forward-looking and what-ifs are done in real-time to find optimal parameters for flow, rotation and running speed. A Diagnostics module detects abnormalities and triggers safeguards. Auto-configuration and auto-calibration are key elements for Drilling Advisory system and deployment without need for back-office support. The personnel involved in the operation (drilling contractor, service provider and operator) will be able to quickly give necessary operational input and then the system will be auto-calibrated during the operation. The system can be easily integrated with other systems via various API available options. The common option is to automatically read the data from the company real-time data store or drilling control system. The system will then calculate the results every time-step and send the results back to the company’s real-time data store and/or Drilling Control System. This also means that models are updated every time-step to reflect the well behaviour in real-time. The front-end, to be used in front of the Driller and other directly involved personnel, consists of an open system capable of real-time 3D visualization of the drilling process (including tripping, casing/liner running and cementing). Data from other 3rd party systems can be visualized together with the Drilling advisory system recommendations to get the “full picture.

Project leader: Sven Inge Ødegård

Started: 2020

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 4001000

Institution: EDRILLING AS

Address: Stavanger