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Norwegian in-situ Rock Stress for Sustainable Development of Hydroelectric Power


In summary, research in NoRSTRESS is aimed to fulfil the following three main objectives: 1. Improve the knowledge front on in-situ rock stress as a large picture of regional stress (deep stress), as well as local stress variations (shallow stress) due to local geological, topographical, and geo-tectonic features. 2. Research the behaviour of the rock mass to stress related instability along the waterway system under the condition of frequent cycles of load/unload scenarios that is being emerged and will be the operation scenario in the days to come due to different renewable sources of energy in the grid and its relationship with the in-situ stress. Through research, the Norwegian unlined tunnel solution for developing HEP projects is strengthening in Norway as well as internationally. 3. Establish rock stress database for the successful evaluation of in-situ rock stress in HEP as well as other rock engineering projects during planning, construction and operation. Machine learning process can be included to form an "intelligent database" that can be extended and improved with future data.

Project leader: Nghia Trinh

Started: 2021

Ends: 2024

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 13680000

Institution: SINTEF AS

Address: Trondheim