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Prototype of Flexible and Trustworthy Cloud-Enabled WiFi Router for the Connected Home


There will be four main project activities: 1) Implementation of learning algorithms that address common internet connectivity problems like radio noise, signal weakness, wifi congestion, greedy streams and latency. Current research indicate that dynamic machine learning algorithms can resolve 70-80% of the problems related to internet connections in the home, but the research has yet to be tested in practise. The project will deploy to 300 homes with significant internet connectivity problems, log relevant fra router to cloud, test the various machine learning techniques and validate result by dynamically configuring and deploying algorithms on the router. This initial rollout will be done in cooperation with Domos partner Jensen Scandinava and two of the ISP partners (likely Altibox and British Telecom) 2) Implement container framework in OpenWrt / AllSeen Gateway Agent on an ARM-based development board (most likely Raspberry Pi). is a close technology partner of Domos Labs and joint contributer to Allseen Alliance Gateway Agent project. Currently only support compiling dynamic Connectors ot ARM-based platforms, but will extent to also support Intel and MIPS based hardware in Q4. Hence all technology built in the prototype will automatically extend to larger scale roll-out on existing WiFI router devices. 3) Growing engagement and relevance to leading industry partners in AllSeen Alliance by building joint Ddemonstrator. In the alliance we work with a number of global 3rd party manufacturers that already have established compatible connectors that we will deploy to demonstrate market value and scalability towards both manufacturing and developer ecosystems. Through this we also prove the potential as a value-adding service (VAS) platform to operators. 4) Disseminate results from technology experiments and consolidate market partners feedback into a revised roadmap for full implementation and improved BiA project application

Project leader: Olav Nedrelid

Started: 2015

Ends: 2015

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1000000

Institution: DOMOS AS

Address: Oslo