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Coremine Vitae - to identify personalized treatment options for cancer patients


State-of-the-art treatment of advanced and metastatic cancer is increasingly incorporating next-generation sequencing to characterize tumor DNA and select targeted treatments based on biomarkers such as mutations or other genomic aberrations. Despite fact that Precision Cancer Medicine based on aberration-matched therapies has been demonstrated to provide significant clinical benefits, this is not universally available to most cancer patients. Many cancer drugs are ineffective for a large proportion of patients, 75% or more, consequently, millions of cancer patients are receiving treatments that give little more than unwanted and severe side effects. In response to this, we want to develop Coremine Vitae, a biomedical intelligence system to identify the best possible treatment options to individual patients. The optimal personalized treatment strategy requires consideration of NGS analyses, other biomarkers, patient status, medical history, as well as patient preferences (side effects, mobility, etc.). While the present Coremine Vitae analysis process handles many steps manually, we aim to develop machine learning and big data analytics to identify and rank evidence and treatment options, and thus dramatically decrease the need for manual effort. In addition, the use of the system will improve process results by allowing more comprehensive searches and reduce the risk of bias. Through our partners, Haukeland University Hospital and Sykehuset Innlandet, we have access to patients needed to develop our system, and at the same time obtain clinical validation of the algorithms and resulting Coremine Vitae analysis reports. A successful outcome of this project will allow us to offer Coremine Vitae as a Software as a Service and scale our business substantially enabling us to enter the global market. This will considerably increase the number of patients who can benefit from clinically validated personalized treatment options and anticipated drug response.

Project leader: Tor-Kristian Jenssen

Started: 2021

Ends: 2024

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 13440000

Institution: PUBGENE AS

Address: Oslo