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Circular economy and process innovations for greening or scrapping of the existing fleet of vessels through sustainable recycling & retrofit


The pre-project will engage the best competences from the maritime industry- and research environments in Norway, to develop a strong project application to the Green Platform call for projects. The pre-project will focus on the necessary measures and actions to make the norwegian shipyard industry, the most capable partners for retrofitting or scrapping of the existing fleet of vessels, and in the most efficient and sustainable way. The pre-project will identify and analyze, explain and describe the challenges that need to be addressed and solved, through a comprehensive main project, for proper digital- and green transformation of the Norwegian shipyard/shipping industry. Furthermore, the project will elaborate to what extent the challenges can be solved through a digital transformation, from automated calculations by digital tool platforms, the use of predictive artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, virtual prototypes and simulations of shipyard processes. The pre-project will also include analysis of the target vessels, to fully understand the challenges in how new green technologies can be implemented in the processes efficiently and securely. The pre-project will also study, identify and describe how to include AI for digital tender processes and value calculations of selected remodeling configurations via 3D component library from a "smart supply chain". The pre-project will analyze possible optimizations of shipyard process- and technology innovations to increase the competitiveness of Norwegian shipyards, for rebuilding or scrapping the existing fleet of ships towards the goal of zero emissions from the maritime industry, and it will describe how the shipyards can be specialized in smart-, fast-, safe- and cost-effective integration of innovative zero emission technologies, for rebuilding the world's existing fleet of specialized vessels or perform an optimal sustainable scrapping process to maximize recycling of materials and components.

Project leader: Per Ingeberg

Started: 2021

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 3e+05

Institution: ÅKP AS

Address: Ålesund