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E!114944 AutoHatch. Det første automatiserte hummerklekkeriet som kan møte etterspørselen etter høykvalitets hummeryngel og porsjonshummer


AutoHatch builds on the ongoing H2020-funded AutoMarus led by NLF, in collaboration with ECS and the Eurostars Devaela project. Each project has a unique focus: AutoMarus concerns maturing single-caged EL beyond J-IV, based on Devaela R&D (2016-17). AutoHatch concerns automation ZL hatcheries in the stages up until J-IV. A fibreglass shelf “superstructure” to be shared between cages and incubators has already been prototyped for operational flexibility. AutoHatch takes a multidisciplinary approach to solving the challenges inherent in the project. The challenges include ZL biology, ICT, automation engineering and internal hatchery logistics within and between incubators, incl. transfer to single-cages. We start out by confirming the survival and growth rates of ZL through the incubator water flow and the feed composition. Significantly improving the survival (5%->20%) and growth rate (J-IV maturation in 15 days from 21 days today) are among the goals for commercial success of AutoHatch. Survival and growth rates will be improved by: A) Enabling timely and accurate feeding of the ZL incubator batch. B) Implementing timely and accurate sorting of J-IVs. Both depend on developing the EL-specific automation and CVS. C) Implementing an in-depth mapping of J-III and by novel feed composition to achieve continuously improved survival and growth rates.

Project leader: Asbjørn Drengstig

Started: 2021

Ends: 2023

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 5796000


Address: Sola