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NorTex Data Science Cluster


With the proposed NorTex Data Science Cluster the partners of this application will generate a long-term relationship under the already established NorTex partnership between Texas and Norway. NorTex is built on the existing initiatives already carried out by the Norwegian Consulate General in Houston, Innovation Norway, INTSOK, and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston. The main area of focus for the proposed NorTex Data Science Cluster is to initiate and expand collaboration on education and research within Big Data and data analytics between universities and industry in Norway and Texas, and further to integrate relevant industry into the different university collaborations. The prioritized area of application for the proposed project will be within Energy, but areas such as Health, Urban Development and Education are equally important and will be a part of the NorTex Data Science Cluster in the longer term. In today's drilling and well operations, data is collected from numerous sources with different data format and with limited data validation, typically unstructured and not adequate for real-time data processing. When drilling a well, data from down hole is restricted by the poor bandwidth from mud pulse telemetry, but will be largely increased by high-speed telemetry. When large amount of down-hole measurements can be transmitted, processed and analyzed in real time, the ability to prevent drilling anomalies and optimize drilling performance will be revolutionized. The objectives of this project addresses Big Data and data processing challenges that need to be addressed in order to close the Technology Gaps defined by OG21. The SFIs related to this application address research and development of technology prototypes within the prioritized areas of TTA3; Future Technologies for Cost-effective Drilling and Intervention.

Project leader: Fionn Iversen

Started: 2015

Ends: 2019

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 4050000

Institution: IRIS - Energi

Address: Stavanger