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UiA will host the 16th edition of the DESRIST conference in August 2021.The conference attracts approximately 100 scholars, practitioners and policy-makers within design science research and information systems. Participants arrive from all over the world, with a majority from Europe and North-America. The 2021 conference theme will be: The Next Wave of Sociotechnical Design. The recent global developments remind us of the potentials of digital technologies to redesign our lives for the better. In 2020, the DSR community hosted their first ever virtual-only DESRIST and moved various activities online that many would have expected to only work face-to-face. While this was a positive experience, it also brings to our attention the potentially harmful unintended consequences of digital technologies, if not used mindfully. Surveillance, digital divide, and algorithmic biases are among those effects that have been debated in the media and elsewhere. Essentially though, these technologies are first and foremost design artifacts, that is, humans design their instantiations and intentions. What can we, the DSR community, do to help shape digital transformation and innovation to better serve people, organizations, and society? We will take a step back and revisit the roots of sociotechnical design to make them relevant in the context of the current social and technological advances, including diminishing boundaries of organizations, platformization, and the productive use of artificial intelligence. We need to embrace the next wave of sociotechnical design. Our intention for DESRIST 2021 is that it will help the DSR community find its role in this new era by clarifying and strengthening of DSR.

Project leader: Carl Erik Moe

Started: 2021

Ends: 2021

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 1e+05

Institution: Institutt for informasjonssystemer

Address: Kristiansand