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Contributions to Type-2 Fuzzy Sets Theory and Applications in Control Engineering and Robotics


In this research, type-2 fuzzy-neural systems will be implemented to a robotic system, i.e. robotic manipulator. The reason is that the robots are highly nonlinear. They have also some uncertainties and it can be challenging to control a robotic manipulat or accurately. Because of the reasons mentioned, we think that robots are an ideal implementation area for Type-2 fuzzy controllers. It has been stated above that the topic of type-2 fuzzy logic is a significant virgin area and therefore open to many no vel studies. The goal of the research is very novel and therefore the prospect of publishing the project outcomes in an important journal is considerable (our goal is at least one journal paper).

Project leader: Erdal Kayacan

Started: 2009

Ends: 2009

Category: Ukjent Kategori

Sector: Ukjent Sektor

Budget: 41000

Institution: Ukjent Organisasjon

Address: NA