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Next Generation Robotics for Norwegian Industry


The proposed project will develop fundamentals, competence and leading-edge technologies within robotics to enable the introduction of advanced robotic solutions in specific Norwegian production processes. In particular, the project will target production tasks that today are manually operated, and where robotic solutions are believed to give substantial economic effect and yield a considerable reduction of production costs. As expected, automation of these tasks will eliminate the need for repetitive man ual work improving safety of personnel as well as quality of products and services. It is a key step to increase the international competitiveness of the industrial partners. The project will start out from a set of challenging cases identified by the ind ustrial partners that involve contact/assembly manipulation in uncertain and unstructured environments. By attacking several cases in parallel the project will build the necessary competence and develop generic methods that are relevant for a wide spectru m of similar applications. These tasks are expected to be performed in demanding and uncertain environments, in presence of several another active and moving objects/obstacles in a working area and under the requirement of real time interaction. Such ope rations inherently possess many challenges for developing a system capable to substitute a human. Various innovative contributions in subjects of motion planning, feedback control, signal processing, instrumentation, sensor fusion, robot perception and l earning as well as system integration are to meet in one place. The project addresses the collective technology and competence gaps faced by the industrial partners in these areas. The project will develop new approaches, methods and algorithms for solvi ng the problems and lay down new principles for enabling technologies for automation and robotics-based solutions requested by the Norwegian industry.

Project leader: Svein Peder Berge

Started: 2009

Ends: 2015

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 28458894


Address: Trondheim