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Trajectory Planning, Numerical Analysis and Stabilization for Mechanical Systems: Case Studies in Industrial Automation and Walking Robots


The project suggests an interdisciplinary research program that requires competences in several engineering subjects including control and mechanical engineering, computing science, analytical mechanics, industrial robotics and automation, numerics, geome try, analysis and motion control sciences. Primarily, it is focused on the several problems that commonly appear in robotics: 1) motion and trajectory planning for nonlinear mechanical systems; 2) controller design; 3) analysis of sensitivity of clos ed loop systems with respect to unknown parameters of the system, hidden dynamics, and external disturbances. The theoretical part of the investigation is aimed at exploring properties of dynamical models that allow efficient representation of motions o f controlled mechanical systems that are subject to position or velocity constraints. The experimental part of the investigation is focused on two case studies that are of special importance of robotics technologies for modern society. They are: 1) aut omatic generation of intelligent and robust (collaborative) behaviors for industrial manipulators; 2) analysis, representation and control of walking gaits and finite-time balance motions for bipeds and quadrupeds. These experiments are supposed to emph asize features and performance of novel approach elaborated in the project for problems that cannot be solved with available these days technologies. It is expected that the results of the project will form rigorous background for solving several key ta sks in robotics in general as well as in the chosen applications. The project will have both the immediate (software packages, prototyping experiments, educational activities) deliverables and the longstanding (in methods and fundamentals) impacts on the subject.

Project leader: Anton S. Shiriaev

Started: 2012

Ends: 2016

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 9858990


Address: NA