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ISO 15926 and Semantic Technologies 2013


ISO15926 and Semantic Web Technologies Network ISO15926 and Semantic Web Technologies Network is an academic network on semantic technologies supporting data integration and reasoning. The network includes Norwegian universities, the major research insti tutions and representatives from the public sector, the oil and gas industry and the defence industry. The purpose of the network is to: - Motivate the universities/research institutions in Norway to increase focus on ISO 15926 and Semantic Web technolo gies - Motivate the governmental funding institutions to increase the support of efficient machine to machine communication - Make available relevant research reports and publications in collaboration with the members of the network - Make available relev ant teaching material in collaboration with POSC Caesar Association (PCA) and the universities -Strengthen the relationship between research and users The network is sponsored by GDF SUEZ E&P Norge AS and operated by Western Norway Research Institute. A conference on the ISO15926 and Semantic Web Technologies is scheduled to take place in Sogndal every year.

Project leader: Terje Aaberge

Started: 2013

Ends: 2013

Category: Nasjonale samfunnsvitenskapelige institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 49999


Address: NA