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Machine Protection studies for the ESS Proton Accelerator


The European Spallation Source (ESS)], which will be built in Lund, Sweden with commissioning planned for ca. 2020, is a spallation neutron source using a very high power 2 GeV proton beam as a driver. The beam current is 2.5 mA and the average beam power is 5 MW. One of the ESS' key tasks is to deliver neutron beams with a 95% overall reliability and to be operational at full power (average beam power of 5MW) for ~5000 h per year. In order to achieve these goals it is vital and highly important to perform a reliability, availability, maintainability as well as a risk analysis throughout the whole lifecycle of ESS. The University of Oslo has contributed to the ESS accelerator R&D in the fields of beam physics, machine protection and beam instrumentation. The performed ESS R&D has given the Oslo group competences in the design and operation of high-intensity proton drivers. This competence is also very valuable for the study of accelerator driven systems (ADS), including Thorium driven nuclear reactors. ESS has high ambitions for their machine protection system, due to the very high beam power. In this project new methods for machine protection for accelerators have been developed and presented at international accelerator conferences.

Project leader: Erik Adli

Started: 2014

Ends: 2017

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 417998


Address: NA