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Development of affordable modular exoskeleton technologies adapted for stroke patients rehabilitation


The aim of current project is to develop consortium and proposal for Horizon 2020 LEIT-ICT-24 call: Robotics. The summary proposed project concept is given below: The concept is to develop a light and affordable exoskeleton. As it is modular, it can be adapted in accordance to the patients rehabilitation progress. It will contain sensors to monitor inputs from patient movements, which in turn will provide supported training within movement therapy or support movement during daily activities outside the therapeutic environment. However, these sensors will also monitor patient inputs, so that patients? recovery can be recorded and tracked as their muscle control and strength returns. Our concept calls for the use of various combinations of modules during the patients rehabilitation, commencing with bulky, immobile apparatus to start exercises while the patient is bed-bound, then progressing to mobile units that support a patent making their first steps in a rehabilitation centre under close supervision. The next phase would be for the patient to use small, lightweight modules when they lead these centres and continue their therapy at home. Finally, the patient will have regained sufficient control that they can walk unaided and can return all their equipment.

Project leader: Waqar Ahmed

Started: 2015

Ends: 2015

Category: Øvrige andre

Sector: Øvrige

Budget: 149999


Address: NA