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Software for profiling tumor neo-antigens to empower cancer immunotherapy.


As disclosed previously, during the first half of 2019 OncoImmunity signed a commercial agreement with the personalized vaccine company Flow Pharma and CE-marked its ImmuneoprofilerTM software as an in vitro diagnostic medical device. This growing traction and recognition in the field culminated with OncoImmunity being acquired by the Japanese technology giant NEC Corporation in July 2019. Post the transaction, OncoImmunity will be renamed as NEC OncoImmunity AS and operated from its Oslo headquarters as a fully independent subsidiary with the same management team and employees. NEC OncoImmunity's technology will be used to support NEC's individualized immunotherapy programmes as well as being offered to other biotech and pharma companies on a software-as-a-service basis. Whilst the application of neoantigen-based immunotherapies in the clinic is still in its infancy, it is anticipated that these therapies will produce more efficacious and safer treatments offering real hope to patients with late stage and currently intractable cancers.

Project leader: Trevor Clancy

Started: 2016

Ends: 2019

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