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Support for the establishment of consortium and development of proposal towards AGILE PRODUCTION DIGITAL INNOVATION HUB


Digitization creates great opportunities for growth and innovation. At the same time the digital transformation, and the need to attract new competences and knowledge, is difficult for any organization. The Norwegian commercial sector consists of a few large and many small to medium-sized companies. To succeed with digitization, it is necessary to share knowledge and experiences between companies and cutting-edge professionals. Through coordinating the Digital Innovation Hubs, 'DIGITALNORWAY - Toppindustrisenteret AS' initiative aims to become an arena that builds, connects and drives digitization projects among institutions, industries and clusters across Europe. Through this application, we seek support from the Research Council of Norway, for the establishment of consortium and project proposal targeting the H2020 call ?DT-ICT-02-2018: Robotics - Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)?. DT-ICT-02-2018 focuses on the specific challenge to provide a sustainable ecosystem of robotics stakeholders covering the entire value network to facilitate and accelerate a broad uptake and integration of robotic technologies, and supporting the digitisation of industry through robotics. The four prioritised application areas (PAA) of the DT-ICT-02-2018 call are 1. Healthcare 2. Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance 3. Agri-Food 4. Agile Production DIGITALNORWAY wish to focus on the PAA 'Agile production' and establish the consortium partners with the goal to finish the preparation of the project proposal and submit it by the deadline 17 April 2018. Through this PES application, we would also like to dedicate a part of budget in organizing the networking/discussion sessions with potential partners for the development of consortia targeting the call 'DT-ICT-02-2018: Robotics - Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)'. We also envisage to take help of necessary external consultants for writing the specialized work packages.

Project leader: Gupta Udatha

Started: 2017

Ends: 2018

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 159999


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