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Smart protective solutinos for industrial safety and productivity in the cold


The physiological information gathered and the algorithms developed in the WP1 will form the basis for a future commercially available sensor-based monitoring system that can provide objective decision-support to advice on safety and work capability for workers during operations in cold climate. This system represents an improvement compared to existing monitoring systems (Wind Chill Index, WCI) used by petroleum industry today. The WCI only takes into account the risk of frostbite. By including a system for detecting risk at an earlier stage (e.g. degradation in manual performance) and allowing for monitoring at an individual level, workers and foremen will have a system for improved decision support. This is expected to lead to longer continuous outdoor working time and safe industrial process without process shutdowns. In addition to petroleum workers, it is expected that the system will be of value within a range of other industries, such as the fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, farming, security surveillance and military. The WP2 is expected to develop smart solutions for hand protection using new design, sensor and software technology and wearable auxiliary heating devices. The workers are expected to be able to do their all tasks without taking off the gloves while working in cold climate. The solutions would be usable in most type of industries requiring good manual performance in cold. Both comprehensive and simple solutions will be developed: comprehensive solutions provide smart heating and warning system together with optimal thermal insulation and simple solutions provide optimal passive (insulative) cold protection. The WP3 will coordinate the activities of all partners and overview the project progress. The project coordinator will be responsible for the internal management and administration of the project, and will provide annually progress report and final report at the end of the project according to reporting regulations. Each partner will be responsible for providing administrative and progress information and cost statements to the project coordinator and to national financers.

Project leader: Øystein Wiggen

Started: 2015

Ends: 2018

Category: Nasjonale samfunnsvitenskapelige institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 2142000


Address: Trondheim