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The ARIEL project will deliver the first-ever land-based RAS solution for producing high-quality EU Lobster at commercial scale using individual cages to prevent cannibalism and automation/robotics to lower production costs and ensure a high degree of profitability. Our unique solution will facilitate superior quality EL in a secure and sustainable process that represents a breakthrough in the aquaculture industry. Our proprietary solution, which we are patenting in Norway prior to a PCT application, comprises an advanced image processing system to monitor lobster development combined with an automated feeding system and robotic cage handling. This novel production system drastically reduces operational costs and avoids human error. Our solution will be the first profitable land-based EL farming solution. An expected investment of EUR 30,000 per 1-tonne lobster production unit, will deliver scale-dependent gross profits of EUR 59,000-141,755/year giving a healthy margin for scale-up, which the unit-based approach allows to be fully flexible. The ARIEL project unites a strong complemental consortium. The coordinating organisation is NLF (NO), owners of the IP for EL land-based farming and overseer of its development to TRL6. NLF will lead the market entry and international commercial scaling. Envirex (NO), a recognised robotics developer geared towards the subsea oil and gas industry, specialising in tailored solutions transforming individual components into complex robotics systems. Andaltec (ES), a non-profit Private Foundation, created in 2003, focused in offering advanced technological services and R&D within the plastics manufacturing industry. DTU Aqua, Denmark’s leading innovation university, recently selected among the 13th most innovative focused universities in the EU, updating and optimising our integrated RAS solution.

Project leader: Asbjørn Drengstig

Started: 2019

Ends: 2019

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 99999


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