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Since data has become omnipresent in our society and communication become more data-driven, everybody has to relate to it to perform almost in any kind of tasks as employee, consumer or citizen. Therefore, mastering the language of data becomes one of the most relevant and “essential survival skills for the 21st century”. But the skill gap is huge and training solutions are mainly targeting data specialists. Our solution to take on this challenge is a learning game which allows anybody to learn data analysis, no matter their level of competence, in a fun and engaging way. The goal of this project is to test our B2B2C model and go-to-market strategy for Datatrotters, strengthening our market analysis and development strategy with several field pilots in Europe. As a first mover in a new high-volume market, Datatrotters has the potential to teach several millions of people to speak the language of data. That would make Datatrotters a real game changer compared to a world where only specialists are data literate. Its impact on society and businesses would be great.

Project leader: Magali Børsum

Started: 2019

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 49999

Institution: CORELIS AS

Address: NA