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A Novel miniature HD Multispectral Thermal Image Sensor for multi-industrial use


IDEAS has for several years been involved in developing ASICs and other components for embedment and integration in thermal imaging products and equipment as sensors. Infrared imaging cameras and sensors are today used across a wide spectre of industrial sectors and applications such as automotive, thermography, security, surveillance, industry and many other sectors. In 2017 more than 800 000 units of infrared cameras based on microbolometers were sold (90% in the civil sector). The applications vary - especially regarding the resolution and related costs. Even though low-resolution detectors have had a steep sales growth the last years with applications in Smart Buildings and Internet of Things (IoT), these sensors will be exposed to high price erosion of >5% annually due to high competition. High resolution sensors (VGA) have civilian use in e.g. the security, surveillance, high-end thermography and automotive sectors have however lower price erosion. The SPEKTIR project aims at integrating IDEAS’ CMOS part of a microbolometer array with FhG IMS’ microbolometer creating a compact, low cost microbolometer with 12 µm pixel pitch, and also to complete the process with FhG IMS’ wafer scale vacuum packaging. The project will also be focused around pilot manufacturing, demonstrations and systems validations. This will result in in a MEMS based miniaturized Image Sensor ready for integration into camera cores and OEM modules. Applications will be in the thermography, automotive and security/surveillance market. According to a new market research report on the "Thermal Imaging Market” the market is expected to be worth $ 4.0 Bn by 2023 with 1,5 Mn unites sold. The market growth has been steep with a high CAGR (14%) for uncooled technologies. Reduction in the price of thermal imaging products, the increasing adoption of thermal imaging in perimeter security and penetration in machine vision applications are driving the growth of this market.

Project leader: Rune Nilsen

Started: 2020

Ends: 2020

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Budget: 99999


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