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Innovative and Flexible Food Processing Technology in Norway


iProcess's main objective is to develop novel concepts and methods for flexible and sustainable food processing in Norway - that can cope with small volumes and high biological variation of the existing raw materials - to enable increased raw material utilization for food products and to increase profitability. This will enable the Norwegian food industry to important challenges regarding increased sustainability and reduction of loss (edible)/waste (inedible) in a lifecycle context. iProcess innovations: flexible processing based on automation for better processing and use of raw material, process analytical technology for process control, visual guidance of robot for adaptive processing, dedicated multifunctional and dexterous grippers challenging processing operation, 3D CAD anatomical models based on X-ray CT imaging and image processing, optimal data capture and information management tailored to food industry, business models and value chain strategies to increase profitability, rapid methods for raw material differentiation based on VIS/NIR spectral range), optimal algorithms for data interpretation based on Big Data. The innovations are complementary and will enable a broad set of innovative processing methods for differentiation, flexible processing, data capture and information management and analyzing the socio-economic/environmental effects of these innovations. The consortium includes leading national and international partners (SINTEF FA, Nofima, NMBU, UiS-IRIS, NTNU, SINTEF RM, KU Leuven, INRIA, DTU), 5 leading user partners (Nortura, Norilia, Norway Seafoods, BAMA Gruppen AS, Produsentpakkeriet AS), 2 leading dissemination companies (Røe, TYD), 1 leading company specialized for solutions in food processing industry (Dynatec AS), 1 company for and information management (HRAFN) and 1 leading company for Process Analytical Technology and VIS/NIR measurement (Prediktor AS). The project duration will be 48 months, with a cost budget of 38,1 MNOK.

Project leader: Ekrem Misimi

Started: 2016

Ends: 2021

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 34100000

Institution: SINTEF OCEAN AS

Address: Trondheim